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Tight & Bright

The Perfect Pairing  - Tighten with Lutronic’s Genius & Brighten with Lase MD 


AVAILABLE at Bainbridge Island Location

First, we set off to bring that youthful and natural snap to your skin by tightening with  Genius RadioFrequency Microneedling.  This triggers natural collagen and elastin stimulation in the dermal layer.


Next, we add in LaseMD Lite to brighten, balance pigmentation, and restructure the surface of your skin !


 Now it's time to relax and watch the synergy of these innovative tools give your skin a boost of youthful tightening and bounce... 

 and allows the release of radiance!  


We are so excited to offer this amazing package, designed to give you a fresh and naturally beautiful you !  

Priced per treatment area--for example Face, Neck or Décolleté
Genius with LaseMD light First area $1400 
Each additional Genius/LaseMD area (same treatment time) +$200

Downtime:  Anticipate 1-3 days of pink/puffy, and roughly a week of dry feeling skin.  Collagen Is forming over the 3 weeks and continuing to improve in the months following.   

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