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  • How many units will I need?
    Are you interested in a little wrinkle relaxation but wondering what it will feel like on your bank balance? Well, I can give you some generalities, however we pride ourselves on individualizing every patient’s treatment to their own muscle activity so final determination is made at the time of your visit. There are currently 4 neurotoxins on the market (as of 5/1/2022) with another coming this fall. They have lots of similarities, but are not it isn't easy to compare one to the other, especially when their "unit" is a measure of personality and you have your own variables to take into account. Below is a snapshot of basic concepts for newbies. But even veterans should keep in mind every visit is a new session, and may require adjustment from the last. Men tend to have stronger muscle groups so should expect to need more than the ladies--up to twice as much! Sure, their dry cleaning is less expensive, but their tox budget is more! The area between your eyebrows, you know, the “angry 11’s” is a very strong muscle group which includes 3 – 5 muscles in total all wanting to pull down. I talk of this group as the “driver” for the muscle activity of the face—hitting it is priority 1! On average ladies receive 20 units as the sweet spot here, sometimes less, sometimes more. The forehead is generally a thin sheet of muscle that covers a lot of real-estate. Dosing here is tricky. The forehead’s job is to hold up the eyebrows, so putting too much in here has the risk of dropping it. Contrary to what you may think, there is no way to put toxin in the forehead to get your brows to go up. It is not physiologically possible. Usual dosing here is 8-16 units, most of it goes high near the hairline, a tiny amount can go lower—but too much low may drop your brows so living with that little rainbow wrinkle might be something you have to acclimate to. Crow’s feet, or professionally known as lateral canthus lines, are frustrating for some but others like to let their eyes smile. If the sphincter muscle around your eye is naturally pulling the corner of your brow down, sometimes we can get a bit of lift—but for some it has little effect. Treating the crow’s feet is typically 6 units on each side for a little softening, or 12 u each side for “closer to gone”. Of course, this is just a ballpark. There are other “off label” areas that we can treat with neurotoxin like bunny lines on the nose (6-10u), gummy smile reduction (2-4u), lip flip, chin dimpling (6-10u), and frown face around the mouth (6-10u). So how much you’ll need, really depends on your muscle and which areas you’d like to enhance! How much filler you’ll need is an entirely different question…
  • Wish your toxin would last longer?
    Wish your toxin would last longer? Step number one: talk to your injector about your dose! All 4 current manufacturers of neurotoxin approved for use in the US agree that the duration of effect is directly related to dose delivered for the area of treatment. And while all products are measured in units, the “math” involved in the equivalency of a onabotulinumtoxinA (Botoxâ) unit compared to an abobotulinumtoxinA (Dysportâ) unit can be tricky to explain. Add on top of the unit equivalency challenge the volume used to deliver the aid number of units may vary from injector to injector and even from area to area with the same injector. The math can be a mess! Bottom line, the number of units actually delivered per region is what is documented in the medical record, and what we use to measure our treatment on. Certain muscle groups are stronger than others (think glabella and masseter)—the bulkier the muscle the more medicine that’s required to put it to sleep for a spell. Some muscles are thinner but cover large regions (think forehead or platysma)—they need enough product to spread throughout the region. And yet other muscle areas we do not ever want to overdo (think lip flip—overtreating that can keep you from enunciating your words, or controlling your spit—yikes!). Underdosing an area or treating with a small amount generally means it will not retain its relaxed effect as long as a larger dose would, but there may be good reason to do just that. So, if you wish your toxin would last longer, the first thing is to evaluate whether or not you are receiving a dose sufficient for the muscle or the area. There are commonly accepted “usual” dosing for most areas, but every person is different, and dosing needs to be personalized. Consider too what product you are using, and what your expectations are. Movement is fine for most of us, we just don’t want to allow so much that the repetitive nature of the movement can contribute to etched in lines. And some wrinkles might be unloved but accepted because having the rainbow wrinkle above your brow is better than dropping your eyebrow and adding to upper eyelid hooding, eh?! Younger skin has healthy collagen and elastin stores, so wrinkles from movement may be better disguised than thinner, older, crepey skin. Your injector has a complex job—they manage pharmacological, anatomical, technical skills all while using their artistic ability to finesse your treatment to match your goals, anatomy and dosing. Developing a good relationship with your injector is critical!
  • Is there a difference between tox and filler?
    Absolutely! Neurotoxin works to disable the ability of a nerve to tell a muscle to contract temporarily. So if what you have is a wrinkle that occurs when you contract a muscle (make a face, smile, squint, pucker, etc) it may be amenable to softening with neurotoxin. If what you have is a wrinkle that is present even when your face is expressionless, or an area that has deflated with age (or weight loss) it might be better served with a filler. Most fillers are made of hyaluronic acid gel, but there are other types as well (those that stimulate your body to make its own collagen for instance). The final selection of which filler to use should be decided by your experienced injector and you--they know the details of each one, and you know what you're hoping for, if that suits your lifestyle and your pocketbook. When you pay for neurotoxin at RediscoverdU you pay by the unit--so each dose is crafted to what your anatomy presents on that day (20 botox equivalent unit per regular session). You'll see the "optimal" effect for that dose about 2-3 weeks later, at which time if you need a little more it can be added (again, paid for by the number of units needed) up until about a month out--then it's best to not add until your next cycle (3-4 months later). Remember, this is a drug people! When you invest in filler you are investing in a service which includes product, talent, education, and safety measures. Often we simplify that idea into a "price by syringe", but no doubt it's more than just the's your FACE! HA fillers have a bit of an immediate effect, and will soften and settle 2-4 weeks after injection. Patience is a virtue here.
  • How many syringes of filler will I need?
    Wow! That’s a great question, but there are so many more details are needed to come to a best guess on that question! First let’s keep in mind there are several different kinds of fillers to choose from, each with unique characteristics. You’ll find a few general guidelines below—but by no means does one answer fit every face! Most hyaluronic acid fillers come in syringes of 1 ml (or 1 cc). When comparing that to standard kitchen measure that’s 1/5 of a teaspoon; 1/10th of a standard ketchup packet, or 1/15th of a tablespoon. Estimates are that we naturally lose 3-5 cc of volume in our face every year after about 30 or so…but more if there has been weight loss or illness. The reduction volume comes from of a combination of things including shifting of fat pads, muscle atrophy, bony resorption to name a few. If you’re talking about lip filler—we provide up to one syringe at a time in our practice. Lip tissue does have the ability to stretch, but it should be a gentle process to reduce the potential reasons it tries to escape it’s vault. Afraid one syringe will make you look like a duck? Fear not! Opening a syringe for your lips does not mean it must all be placed there—we love to fill the lips until we think we are in your goal range, then find a perfect landing spot for the remainder, typically in the surrounding region to allow for facial balance. When you’re talking about cheek replacement (often the first place we recommend attention is placed even if your primary concern is nasolabial folds or marionette lines) then you’re probably talking about 2 syringes to start—one for each side. If you’re petite/small boned we can start with one but remember that only leaves 1/10th of a teaspoon for each side, so guard your expectations. Either marionette lines or nasolabial folds can initially be treated with a syringe, we spread it as far as we can but a finite amount of product has finite spread-ability. And if you’re talking pan facial HA filler placement, you’re probably talking 4+ syringes. If we shift to other fillers like poly-L-lactic acid a usual treatment is two vials followed by two more vials a few weeks later then maybe a touch up annually. More deficit, more product. With calcium hydroxyapatite it can be a few syringes whether used as is or hyper dilute, one for each side of the face, one for each jaw, one for the neck, one for the décolleté…it just depends. Confused? Talk to your injector!
  • Is Any Pre/Post Treatment Preparation Required?
    While there is no specific preparation requirements for an EMSCULPT NEO treatment, however, we recommend you come very well hydrated, without lotions on the area to be treated, and in loose clothing. The applicator is applied directly on the skin and cannot be done through clothing.
  • Can EMSCULPT NEO Tighten Loose Skin?
    EMSCULPT NEO is highly effective for building muscle and reducing fat – up to 25% muscle mass increase and 30% fat reduction per series of treatments – on the abdomen. EMSCULPT NEO may result in some skin tightening in the treated area. However, EMSCULPT NEO is not a skin tightening treatment.
  • Is There Any Pain or Discomfort?
    While pain and discomfort are relative and experiences will vary, EMSCULPT NEO involves minimal discomfort, if any. During the procedure, you will feel muscles contract with the treatment level gradually increased by the EMSCULPT NEO Specialist. After treatment, you will feel like your muscles have been worked. Muscle soreness can be reduced by drinking plenty of water after your session. Muscle spasm may also occur, so if you're prone to that, consider asking your provider if a magnesium supplement might be beneficial. Skin is typically pink and warm for minutes to hours afterward but this is short lived.
  • What Does EMSCULPT NEO Treatment FEEL like?
    The EMSCULPT NEO procedure feels like an intensive workout of muscles in the target area being treated coupled with warmth similar to a hot stone massage. The variable level is increased by the EMSCULPT NEO Specialist during the course of the treatment based on your feedback. The level is gradually increased over the series of treatments. You can lay down, relax and talk during the treatment. Use of portable electronic devices is not recommended since proximity to the EMSCULPT NEO applicator may cause damage to delicate electronics.
  • How is the EMSCULPT NEO different?
    Emsculpt NEO builds off its EMSCULPT predecessor. The original EMSCULPT used High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic (HIFEM) energy. EMSCULPT NEO adds Radio Frequency (RF) treatment. This is a revolutionary innovation for the body sculpting industry. EMSCULPT NEO is the only device to combine HIFEM and RF energy into a single treatment. Adding RF energy to each treatment allows for up to 30% decrease in fat in the treated area.
  • How Long Does the EMSCULPT NEO Treatment Take?
    Prior to your treatment, you will come into our Bainbridge office to meet with Teri to review appropriateness for the treatment. The consultation is $75 for 30 minutes, and if you elect to set up your series, that is applied to the package cost! If you are not a good candidate, we can use those funds for any other treatment or product purchased within 30 days of the consult. Booking your consultation can be done online via our website--and questionnaires are available to be completed before your arrival so that we can make the most of our time together. We want to be sure to answer all your questions! Each EMSCULPT NEO treatment will take about 30 minutes. Some people may elect to have additional treatments performed. Since EMSCULPT NEO is non-surgical and non-invasive, there is no downtime. You could schedule a treatment for your lunch break and return to work immediately after. Normal physical activities can be resumed immediately after your EMSCULPT NEO.
  • How Fast Will I See Results?
    Tangible results are felt right after the treatment, similar to an intensive workout of the target area muscles. Positive visible results for muscle toning are usually seen two to four weeks after the last session in the series of treatments. Positive visible results of fat reduction are usually seen 8-12 weeks after treatment. The underlying muscles require time to adapt and strengthen. Fat cells that are destroyed through apoptosis during the series of treatments are gradually and naturally eliminated by the body. Visible results continue to improve for weeks to months after the treatment series provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle including clean eating, adequate water consumption, and daily activity.
  • How Many EMSCULPT NEO Treatments are Needed to See Results?
    The number of treatments required is dependent on your desired results and where you are starting in terms of muscle tone and undesirable fat. One series of EMSCULPT NEO treatment will increase muscle up to 25% and reduce fat by up to 30% in the treated area. Many people are pleased with the results of just one series of EMSCULPT NEO treatment. Some people feel that they need more than one series of treatment to achieve their desired results. During your free consultation, one of our EMSCULPT NEO specialists will provide answers regarding how many treatments you may need to achieve your goals in the treated area. We stand behind our work and will reassess as we move through the process together!
  • Who ISN'T right for EMSCULPT NEO?
    You'll find a questionnaire available to you on signing up for your consultation which outline several contraindications-- but here is the down and dirty: We prefer you are at a fairly stable weight, with 3-4 inches of pinchable fat in the reqion of question. It is not FDA cleared for pregnant women. If you have had surgery within 3-6 months you should get your surgeons approval as can create strain on surgical closures. Wait if you have any kind of active infection. So sorry, but it's a no-go if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, pain pump or drug pump. Not appropriate in persons with hemorrhagic conditions, epilepsy, pulmonary restrictions or cardiac conditions that limit exercise capacity. We are happy to discuss other items on the questionnaire further--we want to keep you safe and give you optimal results!
  • What is EMSCULPT NEO?
    EMSCULPT NEO® is a revolutionary technology that builds muscle and reduces fat. It’s an innovative way to contour your body using radiofrequency heat to help liquify fat, and high intensity electromagnetic contractions to stimulate muscles beyond what you can do alone. This helps reduce fat and increase muscle growth with no surgery or downtime. EMSCULPT NEO is FDA-cleared to safely and effectively build muscle, improve muscle tone and increase strength. Treatment areas currently include the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves and arms
  • Who Can Benefit from EMSCULPT NEO?
    EMSCULPT NEO is the ideal treatment for anyone looking to build muscle and reduce fat to get more defined abs or a non-invasive booty lift. If saddle bags or inner thigh jiggle bugs you, arm tone isn't what you'd prefer or calves are weaker than they used to be this may be a great tool in addition to a healthy diet and a reasonable exercise routine! We are happy to provide an in person consultation to work with you on the best treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Treatment plans are customized to achieve the results you desire.
  • How Does EMSCULPT NEO Work?
    EMSCULPT NEO uses sophisticated technology to simultaneously emit HIFEM energy with RF energy with a single applicator. These combined energies are synchronized and synergistic, producing better results in a single treatment than would be individually produced through separate treatments. The addition of RF to the EMSCULPT treatment optimizes fat reduction. As with the original treatment, EMSCULPT NEO delivers unprecedented muscle development using HIFEM energy. The energy passes safely through the skin to stimulate supramaximal contractions in the underlying muscle. The muscle contractions are far more powerful than a person can induce on their own through exercise. More than 20,000 contractions are induced through each treatment. Just as with exercise, the contractions press the body to adapt by strengthening existing muscle fibers and creating new muscle cells. Before inducing the contractions, the RF energy heats underlying tissue. This warms the muscle up in preparation for the contractions. The RF technology adds a synergistic effect to the muscle building while also triggering lipolysis: the death of fat cells. Thermal energy via RF disrupts the fat cells. The lymphatic system collects the destroyed fat cells and processes them out of the body as waste. The fat cells cannot grow back after they are removed from the body. The fat cells are gone for good, producing long-lasting results.
  • Cancellation Policy (as of May 1, 2022)
    Howdy friends! Anybody else notice it’s been a little nutty to get an appointment since masks came off? Well, we sure have! When we see a bottle neck in appointment availability, I do try to open extra hours, or even extra days in many cases. But there are only so many in a week so sometimes that’s a challenge too! We put into place a cancellation policy some time ago to encourage people to take a peek at their calendars early and when hiccups come up in your life, prompt you to reschedule early in hopes that someone else could take advantage of a gap. We are moving that request to reschedule no less than 48 hour prior to your appointment to give us time to get the word out! Time is a very precious commodity for all of us—and frankly, if the clinic sits quiet it’s still a total drag. When you book we ask for a live to be CC on file but believe-you-me, it’s encrypted and not used to charge you unless you stand us up. It’s just a place holder unless you’re booking a consultation—and we don’t use it for services when you come either (bank fees are ridiculous if the card isn’t present). Of course, life happens and emergencies occur. Please know we do everything we can to accommodate your schedule and help you keep a fresh face! I trust we mutually respect one another's time. If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, please let us know at your earliest convenience or change via your patient portal (available day and night from phone or computer). Appointments canceled or rescheduled inside 48 hours of the appointment time time will incur a $100 late fee (all cause). No-shows will be charged $100 via on-file credit card or will be invoiced, and will need to be paid in full before rebooking considering time lost. We know you count on us, and we count on you too!
  • How do I book?
    First time appointment: While on my website, select the “Booking” tab (top middle of the header) Then pick the following: your preferred location “in person” (or virtual for a consultation) Injectables as type of appointment (dropdown will appear) service you seek (tox, filler, tox & fill, etc) my name as your provider “Teri Scott” date (bold are dates available in that location) Pick your time (it will select time allotments based on time needed for the service you pick) Complete your information (name, mobile phone, e-mail) Enter the OTP (6 digit code) you are texted, and hit verify to continue (this is a protective code to ensure the phone number is correct and that you are not a robot! This step is necessary to keep your info private, it is not a confirmation code until you complete the process). Yahoo! You should get two e-mails, one a confirmation of your appointment and another as an invitation to join “Teri’s Patient Portal”. The portal is the key, your gateway to services and rediscovering you! See more details below! Repeat Patient Booking: Best not to make another portal, simply use the one you have if you are a return visitor! We can temporarily reset your password if you forgot it, but we cannot change your email address. This is for your priority. Log into your portal at Use the “make an appointment” button on top Follow instructions as above!
  • Pricing nudge (as of 5/1/2022)
    Yes, it’s hit us too. Industry wide price increases in the aesthetic arena have been absorbed in the first quarter, but alas, this sponge is saturated and changes have to be made. You’ve seen it in the price of gas, the cost of cauliflower, and heck—have you had to pay for shipping anytime recently? Gadzooks! Well Allergan raised price early this year on your beloved Botox and Juvederm filler, Galderma has also bumped things up for Dysport and Restylane, SkinMedica, Alastin…. I could go on and on. Items like Latisse and Sculptra have been unavailable. And even getting normal saline for reconstitution is a challenge. Word on the street is that more increases are coming. I know it hurts. It’s hard to budget for already. We know we’re worth it, but we also want a trip to Disneyland so what gives? Please know RediscoverdU is committed to being respectful to your budget, and will never try to upsell you if I don’t think it’s necessary to get you to your goal. So, we’re trying to ease the pain by offering a new filler bundle reduction (same visit, same patient). Teri will be looking for other ways to help save, but never at the expense of quality. Heck, it’s your face—and it needs to remain gorgeous!
  • What is "Teri's Patient Portal"?"
    The Patient Portal is private and protected in a HIPAA compliant cloud. It’s just for you—and is the best way to complete your medical history, sign your waivers and consents, and adjust your appointment date/time. First time users: After booking your first appointment check your e-mail for the invitation— it will come from (it might be in your junk mail bin—that’s where I found mine!). Confirm your account Create a password Hit “register” Once inside your patient portal (dashboard) you'll see 3 sections: PROFILE SECTION (top left) The gear symbol lets you edit your personal info. Be sure to use the gear symbol to open your personal info (I'll need yoru birthday and address for legal necessities, but I won’t use it for anything else, promise!) Past Medical History also needs completing—but once it’s done you don’t have to worry about it unless things change! ACTION REQUIRED SECTION (bottom left) Pre-treatment instructions to read (and mark as read) questionairres and waivers to sign and save prior to your appointment Consent forms. Must be signed for treatment, if you have any quesitons please text or e-mail me to discuss prior to your visit. APPOINTMENT SECTION (top right) You'll see your upcoming appointment day and time. If you need ot make a change, simply click on an appointment and you'll gain the ability to reschedule or cancel (for when life throws you a curveball). Returning portal users: If you’ve already accepted the invitation to join, you can get back to your portal by going here and logging in. So now you know!
  • What should I expect on my appointment day?
    In an effort to keep all of us as safe as possible here’s the new arrival plan: The patient portal is essential in reducing face to face contact and potential for exposure. Please complete your patient portal information as noted above with attention to: Birthday and address (gear icon opens the edit function) Medical history (button) Pre treatment instructions (read, and mark as read) Complete questionnaires, waivers and consents (signature and save) If you are unwell, please reschedule—best to stay home if in doubt. This includes a yes answer to any of the following: you or anyone in your household have traveled in the past 14 days, you or anyone in your household have been ill/or diagnosed with COVID in the last 14 days, you or anyone in your household has had a fever, cough, shortness of breath, change in sense of smell/taste or other symptom which may be considered a COVID risk Come with a clean face if at all possible Arrive on time for your appointment—but wait until the guest before you has exited. Sorry, but we cannot allow guests, and no food or drink in the treatment space. Only bring in your keys and payment, leave your purse at home Wear a mask—for now, you’ll be turned away without one. I realize for some procedures this will have to come off briefly, but it’s necessary for transition from car to table Please read your pre-treatment instructions in your portal to see how you can best participate in this process. We will review your history, discuss your treatment and get to business! Photos will be taken, but not posted without specific permission. Photos are part of the medical record, and are necessary for care. Payment options include cash, check and credit card. Enjoy your results! Despite the new “rules” please know you are getting expert care, individualized service in a clean environment with finesse and a touch of sass! The warm fuzzies will be virtual, just like the hugs…but we can get through this!
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