Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

First time appointment:
While on my website, select the “ Booking” tab (top middle of the header) Then pick the following:

  • your preferred location
  • “in person” (or virtual for a consultation)
  • Injectables as type of appointment (dropdown will appear)
  • service you seek (tox, filler, tox & fill, etc)
  • my name as your provider “Teri Scott”
  • date (bold are dates available in that location)
  • Pick your time (it will select time allotments based on time needed for the
  • service you pick)
  • Complete your information (name, mobile phone, e-mail)
  • Enter the OTP (6 digit code) you are texted, and continue (this is aprotective code to ensure the phone number is correct and that you are not a robot! This step is necessary to keep your info private, it is not a confirmation code until you complete the process).

Yahoo! You should get two e-mails, one a confirmation of your appointment and
another as an invitation to join “Teri’s Patient Portal”. The portal is the key,
your gateway to services and rediscovering you! See more details below! Repeat Patient Booking:
Log into your portal at https://irtuv.myaestheticrecord.com/login
Use the “make an appointment” button on top
Follow instructions as above
You can also book via the website directly, but try to use the same spelling of
your name, phone number and e-address so that all your records stay together!

What is "Teri's Patient Portal"?

The Patient Portal is private and protected in a HIPAA compliant cloud. It’s just for you—and is the best way to complete your medical history, sign your waivers and consents,
and adjust your appointment date/time.
First time users: After booking your first appointment check your e-mail for the invitation— it will come from noreply@aestheticrecord.com (it might be in your junk mail bin—that’s where I found mine!).

  • Confirm your account
  • Create a password
  • Hit “register”
Once inside your patient portal (dashboard) you'll see 3 sections: PROFILE SECTION (top left)
  • The gear symbol lets you edit your personal info. Be sure to use the gear symbol to open your personal info (I'll need yoru birthday and address for legal necessities, but I won’t use it for anything else, promise!)
  • Past Medical History also needs completing—but once it’s done you don’t have to worry about it unless things change!
  • Pre-treatment instructions to read (and mark as read)
  • questionairres and waivers to sign and save prior to your appointment
  • Consent forms. Must be signed for treatment, if you have any quesitons please text or e-mail me to discuss prior to your visit.
  • You'll see your upcoming appointment day and time. If you need ot make a change, simply click on an appointment and you'll gain the ability to reschedule or cancel (for when life throws you a curveball).
Returning portal users: If you’ve already accepted the invitation to join, you
can get back to your portal by going here and logging in. So now you know!

What should I expect on my appointment day?

In an effort to keep all of us as safe as possible here’s the new arrival plan:

  1. The patient portal is essential in reducing face to face contact and potential for exposure. Please complete your patient portal information as noted above with attention to:
    • Birthday and address (gear icon opens the edit function)
    • Medical history (button)
    • Pre treatment instructions (read, and mark as read)
    • Complete questionnaires, waivers and consents (signature and save)
  2. If you are unwell, please reschedule—best to stay home if in doubt. This includes a yes answer to any of the following: you or anyone in your household have traveled in the past 14 days, you or anyone in your household have been ill/or diagnosed with COVID in the last 14 days, you or anyone in your household has had a fever, cough, shortness of breath, change in sense of smell/taste or other symptom which may be considered a COVID risk
  3. Come with a clean face if at all possible
  4. Arrive a few minutes early for your appointment—but wait in your vehicle. Text 360.994.0565 with your first name and that you have arrived, I’ll text back when I’m ready for you to come to the treatment room. There is no lobby available at this time for waiting, and I must keep a strict schedule to allow for deep cleaning between patients—thank you for your understanding
  5. Sorry, but we cannot allow guests, and no food or drink in the treatment space. Only bring in your keys and payment, leave your purse at home
  6. Wear a mask—for now, you’ll be turned away without one. I realize for some procedures this will have to come off briefly, but it’s necessary for transition from car to table
  7. At the door, I’ll take your temp, and offer hand sanitizer. A screening tool will be completed—any yes answers will require a reschedule, you deserve the best results!
  8. We will review your history, discuss your treatment and get to business! Photos will be taken, but not posted without specific permission. At first (on reopening post quarantine) we will have to keep chit-chat to a minimum; but hopefully we can catch up on the family and work and life in the very near future!
  9. Payment options include cash, Venmo, check and credit card. To be honest, I’m hoping to move away from credit to keep overhead low so pricing can stay neutral. But I know we’ve become pretty dependent on plastic, so it’s not gone totally
  10. Enjoy your results! Despite the new “rules” please know you are getting expert care, individualized service in a clean environment with finesse and a touch of sass! The warm fuzzies will be virtual, just like the hugs…but we can get through this!

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Email: teri@rediscoverdu.com

Call/Text : 360-994-0565

Located:  Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Sequim, Bremerton

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