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At RediscoverdU our mission is to enhance your natural beauty--it's you, just better.  We are now very excited to include your body in your self-confidence plan!
We are very picky about what we bring to our service menu so this has GOT to be GOOD for us to let it in the door.  We believe we totally nailed it with this one!

EMSCULPT NEO is an innovative device which uses both radiofrequency and high intensity electromagnetic contractions to simultaneously reduce fat and increase muscle in every session. 

 If you're interested in enhancing your body confidence with the EMSCULPT NEO check out the link below, read the blog page right here on our website (Teri loves to share info) and peruse the FAQ page here too.  Consultation is required in person  to allow us to personally review the process, check off any contraindications,
literally "pinch the inch" to make a plan for you!
Time is the most valuable thing we have, and as such consultations do require pre-payment automatically applied at time of booking.   
Manufacturer Mandated Advertising Price $850/session (but we should talk

TheTo research more about what we offer,
select one of the links below.


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