Age Defying: Brighten & Tighten!

The anti-aging machine. 

A more robust microneedling experience

with minimal down time!! 

If you have heard of the delightful benefits of collagen induction therapy, and want to kick-it-up-a-notch this is the tool for you!   

What does that do? 

It FORCES your skin to WAKE UP those fibroblasts and screams


Who doesn't need more of that?! 

Introductory Price

per area treated ( 1. Face, 2. Neck, 3.  Decollate)    

$1000 First treatment area


Additional Treatments at time of visit: 

+ $200 for each additional area

+ $300 LaseMD light skin rejuvenation

+ $300 Include PRP (topical and injectable as appropriate)