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                     PDO Threads         

Think of "THREADS" as gravity's kryptonite!
"Threads" are the hottest accompaniment to non-surgical facial enhancement! There are many uses, and we can focus on specific concerns such as a brow lift, to tighten your jaw line, reduce neck laxity, soften mid-face acne scars; or if you have other needs, we can design a personalized comprehensive plan.
Consultation required prior to treatment

Thread packages:
Smooth only Glabella $175+/session (4 smooth)
Smooth Lower Face $450+/session (10 smooth)
"Mini" Lift $1400+/session (6 barb/8 smooth)
"Lite" Lift $1800+/session (8 barb/10 smooth)
"Full" Lift $2400+/session (10 barb/ 16 smooth)


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