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Who wants to learn about neuromodulators? 

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

You’ve likely heard of Botox, Allergan’s neurotoxin—and maybe you’ve heard of Dysport and Xeomin, two others on the market with slightly less notoriety, but coming from the same source. And now there's a 4th! Jeuveau. Let's learn a little more!

Product: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau are all purified protein derivatives from Clostridium botulinum, a bacteria toxin. They work by blocking neuromuscular transmission, inhibiting the release of acetylcholine (a naturally occurring communication chemical). Botulism is different (it blocks the muscle portion of the synapse rather than the nerve side). So basically, it prevents the nerve from saying “squeeze” to its nearby muscle, like an old time telephone without it’s cord—you can talk all you want, but you cant hear anything on the other end.

Treatment areas: most common treatment areas (and the only ones approved by the FDA) are found on the upper 1/3 of the face—the forehead, the worry lines between your brows, and the crows feet around the outside of your eyes. There are other "off label" treatment areas that you may have heard of (think lip flip, orange peel chin, downward frown, gummy smile), those are industry standards, but not government approved per se. Remember that neuromodulators treat wrinkles that happen when you make a face or animate, they don’t erase deeply etched wrinkles that are there at rest, but it can soften them over time.

Down Time: None! Some leave the office with little bumps like a mosquito bite—but those dissipate within 10 minutes.

Cost: I charge by the unit, not the area, so you only pay for what you need. You can start with a little to see if you like it, but please know, data strongly supports a full treatment and durability (how long it lasts) seems to be directly related to the dose and muscle strength. It may not last as long if you elect for a lower dose treatment.

Effects: kick in in 2-7 days with full effect appreciated at 2 weeks. Overall benefit lasts about 2-4 months (dose and person dependent).

Contraindications: Allergy or aversion to product with human albumin. Neuromuscular diseases such as Myasthenia Gravis, ALS, other neuromuscular swallowing issue; and it is NOT to be used if pregnant or breast-feeding.

Alternatives to neurotoxin for wrinkle treatment? Consider microneedling or LaseMD to stimulate your own collagen and fill in some of the fine lines. The muscles remain active with these treatments, but you have a chance to get a bit of your skins bounce back with these treatments!

Can you become immune? As with all therapeutic proteins, there is a potential for immunogenicity--but many have used neurotoxin for years with no decline in effect. If one product seems to lose it’s va-voom for you, first I recommend you ensure your dose is adequate; after that consider trying a different "brand". It just might calm that squeeze down!

I have regular hours available on beautiful Bainbridge Island and in Poulsbo! Please check out my instagram page for more fabulous insight, or text 360-994-0565 to ask me a question!


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