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How about this for a thought-provoking question: “why would I?”

Anyone who has considered, contemplated or actually engaged with wrinkle relaxation vea neurotoxin use has a very personal reason. There are plenty of drivers…here are just a few:

· Increased self-confidence

· Enhanced personal perception of beauty

· Professional appearance—looking the part to keep the role

· Enhanced approachability

· Hope

· and I’d be crazy to not mention outright vanity, though it’s rarely the sole trigger

As for me and my practice my goal is to learn what is important to you, and see if there are ways we can get you to your aspiration. Not every wrinkle, or person, is right for neurotoxin—and that’s okay too! For example it’s not for pregnant or breastfeeding moms. And the data is not as robust for those over 65 years of age (though I have a fairly impressive 73 y/o story you might ask me about sometime….). Neurotoxins do tend to be very forgiving especially to those with “animation wrinkles” (when you make a scrunchy face, the wrinkle really pops out!). Not sure? Lets meet and see what we think! Two minds are often better than one!

Why would I?? Why not try!


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