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Comfort Options
Topical, Local, Regional (Nerve Block), Inhalation (Nitrous Oxide)


There are a number of available minor analgesia/anesthesia options to help maximize your comfort during a selected procedure. Not all are applicable for every procedure or patient.  Please read below for a brief overview

of the different types of anesthesia I offer. 

Always feel free to ask if any of these may be available for you. 

Topical Anesthesia 

Topical anesthesia  are applied directly on the top of the skin/procedure area usually in an ointment or cream formulation.   This types of anesthesia works by blocking nerve signals close to the skin surface.  When appropriate, I use a special combination formula that I or you will apply just prior to the procedure. It takes effect rather rapidly and lasts for up to an hour (although time of onset and duration can vary from patient to patient). 

Price: I include this at no extra cost with most procedures.  

Local Anesthesia 

This is usually a one time injection that numbs a small area of the body.   I rarely offer this as it is not usually necessary for the types of procedures I perform.  Some of the filler products that I use actually have Lidocaine ( a local anesthetic) incorporated in the product.

Price: $25/session

Regional Anesthesia

This is also referred to as a nerve block. I call it a Lip Block, and you may have heard or read about it as  a dental block.   This type of anesthesia is done by injecting a numbing medication (lidocaine) near  specific nerves to "block" or decrease pain during a procedure.  I only use this block for certain procedures, usually lips as one might guess.  

Price: $25/session

Inhalation Analgesia 

 I use  Nitrous Oxide (N20) , also known as laughing gas. This offers mild sedative effect and lowers anxiety.  Patients are asked to hold a tube in which they breathe an odorless, tasteless nitrous gas mixed with oxygen.  Its onset is fairly immediate and quickly reversible once you stop breathing it. 

Price: $80/session


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