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Want to know more about body contouring?

Wonder if you are a good candidate?

Okay, sure. I was SUPER excited to learn more about this treatment. I mean really—who of us doesn’t have that stubborn area of pooch that we don’t like. And at least for me, as I get older, new collections of the fluffy stuff have arrived and I am NOT happy about it! So, if you are not satisfied with the strength of your core muscles (abdomen); the shape of your buttocks; the tone of your arms or calves…you just might want to learn more!

The EMSCULPT-NEO is a series of non-invasive treatments where a paddle is strapped to the area of interest and non-invasively (it doesn’t poke you) provides lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and enhances muscle tone. It has been approved by the FDA for improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, development of firmer abdomen; for strengthening, toning and firming of buttocks, inner thighs, saddle bags, calves and arms. This improvement of muscle tone and firmness, for strengthening muscles are also known as “on label” indications…. though other areas may be considered appropriate for treatment.

The most commonly recommended number of treatments for a single area is four—so you guessed it, they’re sold as a package! Each session is typically about 20-30 minutes, with individual sessions separated by 5 to 10 days. Completing a full treatment series is necessary to maximize treatment efficacy and get you where you want to be. You may add on additional treatments, depending on your goals and what you start with. If you clear the questions below, we should meet in person for a consultation where I can answer specific questions (consultation is bookable online). There I can discuss your personal treatment goals and expectations.

Before the treatment, you are not required to do anything special, however, keeping your body well hydrated is strongly recommended. On the day of the treatment, you are asked to wear comfortable clothing, allowing flexibility for correct positioning during the treatment. You will be asked to remove all metallic accessories and electronic devices.

There are certain medical conditions that are no-go’s for this procedure. It is very important to discuss this with your provider honestly—we both want you to be happy you’re your results! Take a minute to see if any of these things apply to you, and if so, let us know!

Absolutely nots:

▪ Metal or electronic implants

▪ Cardiac pacemakers, implanted defibrillators, implanted neurostimulators

▪ Drug pumps

▪ Pulmonary insufficiency

▪ Current cancer or malignant tumor

▪ Blood infection or respiratory cavity infection (empyema)

▪ Any chronic or recent sudden inflammatory response

▪ Whole body or local infection such as osteomyelitis or tuberculosis

▪ Currently pregnant?

▪ Surgical procedures w/in 6 months? (muscle contraction may disrupt healing)

If the above describes you, it's probably not your best option.....

We should talk more if you have the following:

▪ Contagious skin disease

▪ Fever/high body temperature

▪ Are you in your post-partum period (w/in 6 weeks post delivery or cesarean in the past 6 mo)?

▪ Are you currently breast-feeding?

▪ Grave’s disease

▪ Hemorrhagic conditions

▪ Heart disorders

▪ Epilepsy

▪ Do you have any areas of the skin which lack normal sensation

Also worth knowing: successful treatment outcome can be affected by smoking or excessive alcohol consumption and eating disorders or on-going medication. While no special diet is required, you are encouraged to eat healthy to help promote and maintain results.

The treatment does not require anesthesia. During the application, you will feel intense muscle contractions and heating sensation in the treated area. The procedure doesn’t require any recovery time. Typically, you can get back to your daily routine right after the treatment.

Pregnancy is contraindicated, and pregnant women cannot undergo the treatment.

As is the case with every heat-based therapy, in rare cases, an occurrence of localized overheating of tissue cannot be excluded. The applicators must be in full contact with the bare skin. I am aware that no therapy can't be performed through clothing.

Part of the treatment includes before and after treatment photographs, measurements and weighing, as this will help for medical evaluation of the results of the treatment. Information will be acquired for medical records and with additional permission might be used for marketing purposes (but you get to say no too!).

The results may vary from person to person and that an exact result cannot be predicted. Completing a full treatment series is necessary to maximize treatment efficacy. It is very unlikely, but it is possible that you will not feel any recognizable result after the procedure. I acknowledge the results may not meet my expectations. Results are not guaranteed.

Gotcha excited, haven’t we! Available on beautiful Bainbridge Island!

Body contouring is NOW right here on Bainbridge Island!

There’s a good chance you have heard of many slimming/firming devices on social media—and you should know my decision to enter this arena was not taken lightly!

After scouring the literature, I finally decided the EMSCULPT NEO belonged in my practice! I’m scientifically driven. And let me tell you, there are MANY studies on this device that support fat reduction of 30%, and increased muscle by 25% (of course, all on average, because none of us comes to the table with exactly the same plate!). Sculpting and enhancement of areas such as your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and/or calves are all possible (with super specialized love handle and bra roll treatment coming soon)! This particular technology is incredibly innovative – allowing simultaneous treatment directed at both muscle and fat in the same session to impressively change the tone and appearance of the target area in one fell swoop! EMSCULPT NEO works with dual technology: radio frequency to liquify and reduce fat/stimulate collagen—AND simultaneous High Frequency Electro-Magnetic contraction (HIFEM) to stimulate muscle stress growth factors encouraging increased muscle tone in the treatment area. With optimized energy in an amazingly short period of time, you can see better results and improved confidence for less cost than with some other devices (blah, blah, blah, nothing is guaranteed—but come talk to me and I’ll give you my professional expectation chat).

I’ve considered body contouring for years—but was always hesitant because of the variable outcomes with other devices. This one has been on the market for a couple of years now with VERY CONSISTENT RESULTS. AND, it’s 30 min of your life, once a week for about 4 weeks (dependent on your body and your goals, the number of treatments per area can vary, but you can also treat more than one area on the same day!). We can cram it together quicker, but there are more rules for you to follow—it isn’t just US, this is a team effort! No other device currently offers both fat loss and muscle building at the same time. And other devices do have some rare, but unacceptable potential side effects that I was very interested in avoiding.

At RediscoverdU we simply want a natural enhancement of your already present gorgeousness. That includes supporting your confidence both inside and out. This is NOT a replacement for healthy choices—we still want you to eat healthy, drink adequate water, moisturize and use SPF (duh)! This machine is a perfect fit with our philosophy because when you look good, you feel better and YOU DO MORE! Life is short, so bring it on! I look to this a motivating kick in the keester to keep us wanting to make healthy choices.

One of my favorite features of Emsculpt Neo is the muscle building component. When you strengthen muscle by crazy mechanical repetition (think 20,000 sit ups in a minute with no effort) you not only build new fibers and increase the density of the muscle fibers you already have, but you also increase your metabolism (and who doesn’t need that as we get older?)! It has also been suggested that inflammation is reduced and sleep can be improved as well. When you strengthen muscles above and below, you also support a joint. This machine can decrease belly fat on the outside AND that which surrounds your organs. I’m personally particularly interested in improving my abdominal and buttock strength to support my spine and balance (especially after my rear-end accident in 2021; so ask me what I think when you see me!)

Bottom line who doesn’t want their body to both look and feel better?

Emsculpt Neo

Requires consultation/initial treatment visit—for appropriateness, goal setting, photos and treatment.

Common independent treatment areas: Abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, inner thigh, outer thigh

Anticipate: 4+ treatments per area (variability based on anatomy and goals)

Treatment duration approximately 30 min per session, spaced 4-7 days apart

Maintenance session 1-2 x year after at goal

Does not replace healthy lifestyle—but a BEAUTIFUL adjunct!

You may have heard about PDO (polydioxanone)threads; but if you’re here reading, clearly you want to know more!

PDO is a biodegradable material that is commonly used for suturing—but for the purpose of this blog, we’re going to discuss it as a tool in our fight against aging. While threads have been around for decades as a non-surgical option to “lift” the face, those in play today are different from those utilized even 15 years ago.

Threads are made from many materials (PDO, Polylactic acid (PLA), and polycaprolactone (PCA)) but the most commonly seen in the United States is good ol’ polydioxanone. These threads come for insertion in a variety of ways: mounted on a needle, or a cannula. And their presentation also vary: some are smooth, some twisted similar to a screw, and others have molded hooks designed to attach themselves to the tissue they contact to and give a little lift in whichever direction they are placed. And while these are biodegradable (how long it takes them to dissolve depends on the thickness of the thread to begin with, and your body’s own response to them) it isn’t just about the thread being present that makes them useful.

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts you’ll know I’m a big fan of collagen induction. Collagen in our skin gives it it’s bounce and fluffiness. The natural aging process and exposure to UV and free radicals over the years causes a breakdown of collagen and a thinning appearance to our skin—none of us have the same fluff at age 60 that we did at 16! Treatments like medical microneedling, radiofrequency microneedling, poly-l-lactic acid injection (sculptra) and calcium hydroxylapatite injections (radiesse) can all trigger the body to think there is an “injury” and prompt the response for repair—aka collagen production! Generally speaking, the more collagen we have the less translucent we appear. Of course, collagen isn’t the only thing we lose over the years—loss of elastin also occurs giving us more slack and less snap. But we need to tend to what we can.

So, despite that these PDO threads degrade over time, their simple presence in the tissue provokes controlled inflammation which is the trickery we are looking for to promote collagen strand growth right around that space! This collagen then lasts much longer than the thread did initially. Yahoo!

In my professional opinion, PDO threads are a compliment to other facial treatments; but rarely are stand alone when it comes to lifting. In someone with lax, not-too-thin skin it can provide a very nice scaffolding and the start of “lift”. Filler can then still serve to provide contour to specific areas and be more efficient once the tissue is closer to where it belongs. Other non lifting uses for PDO? Well, in one who has heavy “angry 11” creases, placing threads within those valleys along with their usual neurotoxin dose can help change the Grand Canyon into a rolling meadow (much less harsh!). And if there is laxity or crepey-ness around the mouth, fine threads (smooth, not lifting) can help reduce the “swag” of that tissue without increasing the fullness so you don’t move toward a Homer Simpson look. And how about that turkey gobble just under your chin skin? Yes, threads can be place there to help create less drape in that region too. But remember, this is a process, not a one-stop-shop.

Threads are sometimes referred to as “solid” filler, but I’m not super keen on that description. Still, in areas that I feel are too risky for actual filler, threads can contribute to that end, over time. They are prickly going in, and some are aware of their presence for a week or so. If skin is super thin to begin with, they may be visible at first—but the thread starts as blue/purple, and quickly changes to transparent when it interacts with your body fluid. Bruising, inflammation, and discomfort is manageable. If you’re inclined to consider a face lift, go get your consult. But if you’re scalpel averse, we can certainly discuss threads as an alternative. Book a consultation or bring it up at your next regularly scheduled visit with Teri (not everyone is a great candidate for threads so consultation and managing expectations is key). Package pricing—check out the website service menu for current costs!

A stitch against time….PDO just might play a role for you!

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