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(Platelet Rich Plasma/Platelet Rich Fibrin)

Platelet Rich Plasma is an autologous (rich stuff from your own body!) way to enhance your skin tone, texture and regenerative abilities.  It starts with an easy blood draw, that blood is spun down, and only the growth factors, cytokines, peptides and stem cells are used to rejuvenate your beautiful you!


Whether used as the glide for your microneedling treatment or injected directly for facial or hair restoration, PRP/PRF is a great consideration for those looking for the most natural results, or those who have super sensitive skin to products!


Per session pricing...
Stand alone facial rejuvenation:         
Add on to Microneedling:  +$400/tube

PRF for tear trough rejuvenation:    $850/tube

Hair restoration stand alone injection    $900+   
Hair restoration with Microneedling:     $1150+


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