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Wrinkle Reduction!

Affectionately known as "the tox" to those who have enjoyed its advantages in the past, we are pleased to offer Botox® Dysport®Daxxify®

Used for the temporary relaxation of overly-active facial muscles, because who wants to live with frown lines or crows feet? Not Us! 

Minimum of 25 Botox® equivalent units, doing less won't give you the look you're after.  Dosing will likely change over time, so discuss your goals with your provider.


Botox: $14/unit

Dysport: $14/BEU

Daxxify: provider to estimate price

If you are a member of a manufacturer loyalty program or have a company gift card I request that you make annotation of the program in the notes section as you schedule your appointment AND notify the provider prior to your treatment-- this insures the appropriate product is selected.Treatments must be logged within 48 hours of the session.  

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